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orange hibiscus

Simple Orange Hibiscus Loaf Cake Recipe

This orange hibiscus loaf cake is insanely moist, the perfect mix of sweetness and tartness and is super easy to make. Trust me on this one, you will LOVE this cake. This cake recipe was developed from my orange bundt cake recipe and since I am such a cake nerd, […]

flat lay budt cake

The BEST Banana and Peanut Butter Cake Ever

This peanut butter- banana bundt cake recipe is the best EVER! It is very easy to make, can be mixed in one bowl without the need of a mixer. This recipe is also egg free and can easily be made into a vegan or dairy free cake. I am a […]

peanut butter cake recipe

One Layer Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cake Recipe

This one layer peanut butter and chocolate cake recipe is THE best! It is super easy to make and you most likely have the ingredients in your kitchen cupboard. There is a bonus too: you only need on cake tin. I collect loads of cake recipes in addition to creating […]

caramel drizzle

Simple and Delicious Caramel Bundt Cake Recipe

This caramel bundt cake recipe is tender, moist, and full of brown butter, brown sugar goodness. Let’s not forget the gorgeous caramel glaze that goes with it. It is seriously the best cake EVER. It’s another week and another blog post. I have recently become a HUGE fan of bundt […]

apple cake

Simple Brown Butter Apple Cinnamon Cake Recipe

This simple brown butter apple cinnamon cake recipe makes use of browned butter, brown sugar apples, and cinnamon sugar to create the perfect cake for the autumn season. Even though it is perfect for autumn, you can still have this cake at any time of the year. I was a […]

banana cupcakes

Banana and Brown Sugar Cupcake Recipe

This banana sponge cupcake recipe is soft and light in texture with just the right amount of banana flavour. I have topped it with some brown sugar buttercream (yes, it was the best thing ever) and decorated with fresh banana slices. I own a number of cookbooks, I would say […]

hibiscus cake

Moist Citrus Hibiscus Cake Recipe

This moist Citrus Hibiscus cake recipe is made with hibiscus sugar and full of citrus flavor! It is also super easy to make and requires one bowl and can be made without a mixer. Dried Hibiscus Petals are very common here in Nigeria. They are used to make a very […]

chocolate banana cake

Simple Chocolate Banana Loaf Cake Recipe

This chocolate banana loaf cake recipe is the perfect treat for chocolate lovers. You only need one bowl, a spatula and your ingredients to get going! This chocolate banana loaf cake was adapted from a banana cake recipe I have been using for AGES. Unfortunately, I cannot remember where I […]

spice cake recipe

Oat and Spice Layer Cake Recipe

This oatmeal and spice layer cake recipe is packed loads of oat goodness, filled with the smoothest melt in your mouth buttercream, and is the perfect cake for autumn.  Why not try it for yourself and see! I was playing around with my favourite carrot cupcake recipe from BBC Good […]

orange bundt cake recipe

Moist and Delicious Orange Bundt Cake Recipe

This moist and delicious orange Bundt cake recipe is possibly the best cake recipe I have ever made in my seven years of home baking; full of orange flavour and super easy to put together. I recently purchased my first Bundt cake pan and I was searching for the perfect […]