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About Me!


My name is Chiyenum, a cake photographer and stylist based in Nigeria. Welcome to Yenum Cakery.

I have been baking and styling cakes since 2012/2013 when I was an undergraduate law student at the University of Leeds.

It all began when I watched a friend bake and decorate a vanilla sponge cake from start to finish and I just fell in love. There was this connection to cakes that I felt that made me drawn to cakes.

I began to research about cakes with the goal of learning how to make pretty cakes. I didn’t have the funds to learn but I made up my mind to learn how to bake- with or without the funds. So I decided to teach myself how to bake and decorate cakes using YouTube videos and I never looked back. Since then I have run two cake businesses- a cupcake business which I ran from my student kitchen and a wedding cake design business I set up right after university.

Both businesses pushed me to learn more about cakes and perfect my technical skills.


I initially set up Yenum Cakery to share cake recipes but quickly realised there was more to me than just sharing cake recipes.

I loved baking cakes and every cake I consider every cake I bake as an opportunity to learn- about myself, my tolerance and my baking skills. Then there was photography- I loved to photograph cakes. (I made my mother get me a DSLR after seeing some cake photos on a food blog page -I believe it was Sally’s Baking Addiction) and I loved the creative process of styling cakes for the camera.

All these combined is who I am as a creative and I decided to write a blog that truly represented me as a creative- cake stories, cake photos and cake styling.

When I am not writing on the blog, I am working at my studio Caketography Studio , cooking and tryimg new recipes, binge-watching comedy shows on netflix, or surfing the web to learn new things.